1、They questioned both men but neither of them could speak English.
2、Some of her pictures were shown in an art exhibition in Shanghai when she was 4 years old.
3、But Little Smart is not really that smart.但是小灵通并不是真的很灵通。
4、I am writing this letter to complain about the service in your hotel.
5、My classmate is more clever than I.我的同学比我聪明。
6、The prices of vegetables are different from place to place.各地蔬菜的价格不一样。
7、He has sympathy for all poor people.他对所有穷苦人都富有同情心。
8、No matter how much it cost, he had to get the car fixed.无论费用多高,他也不得不去修车。
9、Yeah, but they play the same songs over and over again.没错,但他们总重复播放同一首歌。
10、We are from mainland China.我们来自中国大陆。
11、How long will it take us to get there?我们到那儿要用多长时间?
12、We have made little progress.我们没有取得什么进展。
13、This one's pretty, but it costs too much.这个很漂亮,但是很贵。
14、I've been so busy lately丆I haven't had time to call anybody.
15、It's easy to say, but difficult to do.说起来容易,但做起来难。
16、Li Bai is one of the greatest poets that have ever lived in China.李白是中国有史以来最伟大的诗人之一。
17、Let's find a place to shelter from the rain or we'll get wet.我们找个地方躲雨吧,不然就淋湿了。
18、I'm not an English major student.我不是英语专业的学生。
19、I looked for the book on the desk but it was nowhere.我在桌上找了那本书,但是那本书不在那儿。
20、This street will be widened.这条大街将要加宽。
21、Our library is as big as theirs.我们的图书馆和他们的一样大。
22、My problem is that I don't have much time to do the work.我的问题在于我没有多少时间干这工作。
23、The doctor said there was nothing wrong with his eyes.医生说他的眼睛没有毛病。
24、Go down this street until you reach the second traffic lights.顺着这条街走,一直走到第二个交通灯处。
25、We enjoyed ourselves very much at the party.在那次晚会上我们玩得很愉快。
26、They sold the old house yesterday.昨天他们把那旧房子卖了。
27、The shop is open till ten at night every day.商店每天营业到晚上十点。
28、Many changes are taking place in the United States.在美国正发生着许多变化。
29、China will build up a space station in ten years.在十年内,中国将建一个太空站。
30、I don't know who broke the window.我不知道谁打破了窗户。

  1. I knocked on his door but nobody came to answer it.我敲了他的门,但没人来开门。
  2. Do you think you can do it by yourself?你认为你自己可以单独完成这件事吗?
  3. The People's Republic of China (PRC), founded on October l , 1949, covers an area of 9. 6 million square kilometers.中华人民共和国成立于1949年10月1日,国土面积约960万平方公里。
  4. People all over the world are trying to help the people in the quake-stricken areas.
  5. We must take some measures to control the pollution.我们必须采取措施来控制污染。
  6. The Olympic Games is an international sports event that takes place every four years.
  7. He was very happy to hear from his old friend.他很高兴收到老朋友的来信。
  8. He has a foreign friend who lives in the United States.他有一个住在美国的外国朋友。
  9. A friend of mine from high school is working in England now.我高中的一个朋友目前在英格兰工作。
  10. She likes to help any one who is in difficulty.她乐意帮助任何一个有困难的人。
  11. Trees need water to grow.树木有水才能生长。
  12. The doctor told me to have more water.医生让我多喝些水。
  13. Who can help me clean the room?谁能帮我打扫房间?
  14. We should encourage him to have confidence in himself.我们应当鼓励他对自己要有信心。
  15. The traffic jams during morning and afternoon rush hours are a headache in big cities now.
  16. Apples here like water and sunshine.这里的苹果喜欢水和阳光。
  17. Fred was such a hardworking student that he soon came out first in the class.
  18. Ted and William have lived under the same roof for five years.
  19. A lot of natural resources in the mountain area will be exploited and used.
  20. Do you have access to the Internet?你能上网吗?
  21. The students are encouraged to do more listening, reading and writing by their teacher.
  22. There is a large amount of energy wasted due to friction (摩擦).由于摩擦而损耗了大量的能量。
  23. This place has plentiful material resources.这个地方的物质资源非常丰富。
  24. Various substances differ widely in their magnetic (磁性的) characteristics.
  25. The more passions we have, the more happiness we are likely to experience.
  26. Each time history repeats itself, the price goes up.历史每重演一次,代价就增加一分。
  27. In an age of plenty, we feel spiritually hungry.
  28. In no other country in the world can you find such plants as this one.
  29. I was having a nap when suddenly the telephone rang.我在睡觉时,电话铃突然响了。
  30. All that glitters is not gold.闪光的未必都是金子。
  31. Bill hit his car into a wall last night.昨晚比尔开车时,车撞到了墙上。
  32. Would you please help me with this heavy box?你能帮我抬一下这个沉箱子吗?
  33. He has taught English in this university ever since he moved to this city.
  34. Transistors are small in size and light in weight.晶体管的体积小、重量轻。
  35. John and his brother differ in personality even if their differences in age are not significant.
  36. If you decided to learn a new language, you would have to devote all your efforts to it.
  37. You needn’t go there anymore. He already knows about it.你不必去了,他已经知道那件事了。
  38. It's very important to maintain your current weight through exercise and healthy eating.
  39. It normally takes a semester for a college freshman to adjust to his college life.
  40. I would appreciate it if you would just let me deal with this case.
  41. As is known to all, China is the largest developing country in the world today.
  42. The friend saw everything but did not say a single word.这位朋友看到了一切,却一言不发。
  43. They thought that there must be something wrong with their TV set.他们认为电视机一定出毛病了。
  44. You and your team can discover the answers to problems together.你和你的团队能够一起找到问题的答案。
  45. Life is meaningless without a purpose.没有目标的生活是毫无意义的。
  46. He didn't need to attend the meeting.他没必要参加那个会议。
  47. I read the local newspapers with great interest every evening.每晚我怀着极大的兴趣读当地报纸。
  48. He prefers coffee to tea.与茶相比,他更喜欢咖啡。
  49. Our textbooks are very different from theirs.我们的教材与他们的教材很不一样。
  50. Are you fond of music?你喜欢音乐吗?
  51. You'd better do that again.你最好再做一遍。
  52. What kind of life do most people enjoy?大多数人喜欢什么样的生活?
  53. This box can hold more books than that one.这个箱子比那个箱子能装更多的书。
  54. Both Ann and Mary are suitable for the job.安妮和玛丽都适合干这项工作。
  55. I hurried to my office.我匆忙赶到了办公室。
    86、She is used to living in the countryside.她习惯住在乡下。
    87、The cause of the fire was carelessness.起火的原因是不谨慎。
    88、He is thinking about moving to a new place.他正在考虑搬到一个新的的地方
    89、He keeps looking at himself in the mirror.他老是照镜子。
    90、I look forward to hearing from you.我期待着收到您的回信。
    91、He stopped smoking.他已经戒烟了。
  56. Could you tell me where the post office is?请问邮局在哪里?
  57. I'm thinking about a visit to Paris.我在考虑去巴黎旅游。
  58. Look out the window it's still raining today!看窗外,今天还在下雨。
  59. I hope we can have some snow this winter.我希望今年冬天会下点雪。
  60. I've lost interest in my work.我对这份工作已经失去了兴趣。
  61. This new country hopes to establish friendly relations with all its neighbors.
  62. Most students feel satisfied with the progress they've made.大多数学生对自己所取得的进步感到满意。
  63. The doctor had no choice but reach out to their colleagues across the nation.
  64. She begins cooking as soon as she gets home.她每天一到家就开始做饭。
  65. A dog is always well-known as a clever and friendly animal.在动物中,狗素以其聪明与和善而著称。
  66. A good memory is a great help in learning a language. 好的记忆有助于语言的学习。
  67. A teacher should have patience in his work. 当老师应当有耐心。
  68. A lot of natural resources in the mountain are are to be exploited and used.
  69. Although very important,intelligent is not necessarily the key to success.
  70. I slept soundly all night.我整夜睡得很熟。
  71. Have you seen Tom recently?最近你看到汤姆了吗?
  72. How are you doing these days?这些日子你怎么样?
  73. My classmate is much cleverer than I.我的同学比我聪明多了。
  74. What time do you go swimming every day?你每天何时去游泳?
  75. Can you express yourself clearly in English? 你能用英语清楚地表达自己的意思吗?
  76. Christmas is the most important festival in the west 圣诞节是西方最重要的节日
  77. Don't you think smoking is harmful to your health?你不认为抽烟对你的身体有害吗?
  78. In many factories,an assembly line is used to speed up the efficiency of the workforce.
  79. In no other region in the world can you find such rare animals as giant pandas.
    116、It doesn't matter whether he comes or not.他来或不来都无关紧要。
    117、He'll come if it doesn't rain tomorrow.如果明天不下雨他就来。
  80. Jenny is fond of reading and often borrows books from the city library.
  81. Let's sit over here until it's time for you to board.我们就在这里坐到你上飞机的时间。
  82. Would you mind closing the window for me?能帮我关一下窗户吗?
    121.I feel satisfied with my life.我对生活感到满意。
    122.He doesn't like the way you talk to him.他不喜欢你和他说话的样子。
    123.Take an umbrella with you in case of rain.带上雨伞以防下雨。
    124.He asks me to stay in the room till he comes back.他让我呆在屋里等他回来。
    125.Talking for a long time makes me tired.长时间的谈话使我感到疲倦。
    126、The earth on which we live is shaped like a ball.我们居住的地球,形状像一个大球。
    127、When are you going to get your hair cut?你打算什么时候去理发?
    128、Open the window and let the fresh air in.打开窗户让新鲜空气进来。
    129、Riding bicycles can save energy.骑自行车能够节约能源。
    130、We should make best use of time.我们要充分利用时间。
    131、The moon looks much bigger than any other stars in the sky.
    132、You ought not to smoke so much.你不应该抽这么多的烟。
    133、Promise me never to be late again.答应我以后再也不要迟到了。
    134、The doctor is very patient with his patients.医生对他的病人很耐心。
    135、He had to leave early yesterday.昨天他不得不早些离开。
    136、I'm certain he'll go to see the film, because he's bought a ticket.
    137、When were the Olympic Games founded?奥运会是何时创办的?
    138、He is always making excuses for being late.他总是为他的迟到找借口。
    139、I'm finishing my second year of studies.我即将完成第二年的学习。
    140、We used to live near a big park.我们曾经住在一个大公园附近。
    141、When I was young, I'd listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite songs.
    142、You'll find in English some words can be remembered more easily than the others.
    143、He stopped to smoke.他停下来,开始吸烟。
    144、Travel broadens the mind.旅行可以开阔眼界。
    145、I came back because of the rain.因为下雨我就回来了。
    146.I had no choice.我别无选择。
    147.They were sitting in the park, playing cards.他们坐在公园里打扑克。
    148.Did you go fishing with your friends last Sunday?上周日你与你的朋友去钓鱼了?
    149.I feel lonely without you.没有你我感到孤独。
    150.Who's going to answer the door?谁去开门?
    151.Were there any phone calls for me while I was out?我不在时,有人打电话给我吗?
    152.I'll be waiting for you at the library this time tomorrow.我明天这时候在图书馆等你。
    153.The earthquake in Sichuan made Chinese people unite as one.
    154.I'm looking forward to your visit to China.我在盼望你对中国的访问。
    155.I didn't hear what you said to him.我没听见你对他说的是什么.
    156.Who's going to answer the telephone?谁去接电话?
    157.Jim will go to his teacher whenever he has questions.吉姆一有问题就找他的老师。
    158.I have a pain in my back.我的背疼。
    159.Beijing Olympic Games can make Chinese people work harder.
    160.Do you still have anything that you don't understand?你还有什么不懂的吗?
    161.I'm having a headache now.我现在有点头疼。
    162.I'm sure we'll have a good time.我相信我们会很开心的。
    163、He has been learning English for years.多年来,他一直在学英语。
  83. Bob was such a hardworking man that he always worked late till night.
  84. Because of his carelessness,Jack hit his car into a big tree by the roadside.
    166.Young persons under twenty-five make up nearly half of the American population.
    167.Would you mind waiting outside?请你在外面等,好吗?
    168.When she got home that evening, she showed her husband the beautiful hat she had bought.
    169.People usually hate mice, but one mouse won the hearts of the people all over the world.
    170.Do you mind my smoking here?我在这里吸烟,你介意吗?
    171.We're running behind schedule by about 15 minutes.我们大约误点十五分钟。
    172.I'm wondering who broke the window.我纳闷谁打破了窗户。
    173.How long have you collected your stamps?你集邮有多久了?
    174.Jack works much harder than before.杰克学习比以前努力多了。
    175.Stay here before I get back.在我回来之前别离开。
    176.He doesn't know what life means to him.他不知道人生的意义。
    177.I have something important to tell you.我有些重要事情要告诉你。
    178.He is leaving China for Britain tomorrow.他明天将离开中国去英国。
    179.This pair of shoes cost me 260 yuan.这双鞋花了我260元钱。
  85. I rang your house last night but your mother answered the phone.


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