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Store profiles may be updated and edited by the store staff. The first two floors cover used vinyl of every stripe, so the perfect place to head if you’re an omnivorous beast. But unlike other such institutions where dust has been allowed to settle on the racks, the team of heads and selectors running Music Mania today still keep things fresh. Amoeba is arguably the best record store in the entire country. In addition, the store frequently schedules special events, such as author appearances, book clubs, and trivia nights. The stores are known for tons of exclusive releases, and a small amount of comic books and graphic novels continue to be sold. Our pick for Madison’s best bookshop is A Room of One’s Own Books & Gifts. Magers & Quinn Booksellers is Minneapolis’s largest independent bookseller. We’re inclined to agree. The store-branded Peaches shirts and hoodies are particularly cool. A hub for all of long-time friends Marvin and Valentino’s creative endeavours, Public Possession is more than just a record shop. San Francisco’s City Lights Booksellers & Publishers is a legendary bookshop. As well as a great selection of new and used reading material, the store also offers numerous kids reading programs, author events, and more. The sound system became known as ‘Rockers’ and from there Pablo ventured into recording. Head here for a new 12” – from house and techno to dubstep, grime, reggae and everything in between – and a tinny. At the other end of the record store spectrum, it’s as much a bookshop and cultural hub, with the arts, literature and cinema also catered for. They carry a broad selection of used and new books for both adults and children alike. The store-branded merchandise is also particularly desirable! What’s the story? Your record collection isn’t the only place you might find a goldmine. With over 1,400 of these records now listed on Discogs attracting buyers from as far away as Japan, Chico Records also offers a full in-store service including the sale and maintenance of classic turntables, an assortment of vinyl-related accessories, ultrasonic washing and, in due course, an electronic record flattener. At the time there was a dynamic music scene in Montreal, bolstered by the rise of post-rock and a boom in electronic music. The store was soon overwhelmed by growing stock and growing customers, so in ’85 moved to its present location at 20 S Tulane St, a massive 400m2 space. In addition to music, the store also carries turntables, music magazines, t-shirts, concert tickets, and other memorabilia. Opened in 1969, the store continues to sell new and used CDs and LPs in all sorts of genres and categories, as well as band t-shirts, patches, buttons, posters, and other pop culture memorabilia. All this year we’ve been on a hunt of the most influential, hospitable and downright essential record shops in the world. Located in yet another one of America’s finest music towns, Grimey’s New & Preloved Music is one of Nashville’s premier independent record stores, which is saying a lot. (732) 225-7717 The shop is currently run by DJ Soulscape, DJ Jeyon, and Maalib – who are all members of 360 Sounds, a collective of artists and tastemakers based in Seoul. The award for most outrageous name for a record store would definitely go to Columbus, OH’s Magnolia Thunderpussy. Mabu Vinyl was established in 2001 by Jacques Vosloo, who now co-owns it with Stephen Segerman. Located in an old factory building behind the canal in Kreuzberg, DJs of all stripes can be found on both sides of the austere metal counter, DJ Hell, Modeselektor and Marcel Dettmann all honing their trade as employees over the last two decades. Missoula’s Rockin Rudy’s has been in business since 1982. Check them out online here. The 15 Best Record Stores In NYC By Scott Heins April 14, 2016 12:55 p.m. Opened in 1977, the Book Loft started as a simple three-room bookshop before going through eight expansions to reach its current size. Meat hooks adorned the back room, walls were ensanguined and Clare traded records over a giant solid marble slab. The store also hosts frequent special events with local and national authors, as well as kids and adult book groups. An essential place to visit. Goner Records’ associated record label also produces Gonerfest, showcasing live performances by artists from all over the world. Not the only shop to visit in the city by a long stretch but certainly one of the most exciting. “We even checked for buildings in the outskirts. What’s the story? The story of Rockers starts with one Augustus Pablo. This store’s philosophy is “all music’s cool, or is so uncool that it’s cool again, or soon will be.”. Each section of the house is divided by price therefore you can sit in a room that only has records for $30BRL, $50BRL and so on. Location: Oudekerksplein 26, 1012 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands. May be small, but makes up for it with best possible in-stock catalog selection. The store also presents author events and readings. One of the finest shops of its kind, Dusty Groove has been responsible for soundtracking more parties in the USA than pretty much anyone else, and now also run a reissue label that has revived records by Jorge Ben, Gal Costa and Dorothy Ashby among others. Go for: The best dance 12″s and electronic longer players. Ironically, without ever knowing it, he became the voice of a generation in apartheid South Africa; more famous than Elvis and more influential than the Rolling Stones. Founded in 1968, Electric Fetus carries an estimated 50,000 titles at two locations around the Minneapolis area. Twenty-four thousand square feet, packed to the ceiling with over 100,000 CD’s, records, and even audio cassettes. Sociology lecturer John Clare was researching gang membership in Paddington at the time, but he leapt at the opportunity to start trading jazz records when an old butcher’s became available on Golbourne Road. Location: Antena21 Bldg. New Orleans’ best bookshop is Garden District Book Shop, located in the historic property called “The Rink,” built in 1884. Rm360 is the pride and joy of DJ Soulscape, a tireless crate digger and a mainstay of Seoul’s rapidly evolving scene. The shop might look tiny next to Haight-Ashbury’s imposing Amoeba Records, but every inch of its cosy 700-square-footage has been put to good use. Here’s our ranking of the 25 best record stores and bookshops. Good Records also carries a strong selection of international music. For some cities, we remembered the stores we love to frequent while visiting, and for other cities, we painstakingly researched what the locals and regulars had to say before making our choice. Open since 2005, New York’s Good Records has been the place to go for vintage records. The first port for imports from the US and UK underground, and a desirable line in local exclusives from the likes of Eddie C and Disco Halal’s Moscoman, Oye stocks ‘dance music’ in the broadest possible sense, from jazz and afro, to house, techno, and a fine selection of hip hop and beats. What’s more, it’s the store that serial collectors 2manydjs / Soulwax call home. The Wax Museum label has also been making moves, including early gold from Inkswel, local output by Dyl Thomas, Aoi and Splendour – right through to recent contributions by Plutonic Lab, Guilty Simpson and Count Bass D. Location: Cl. But then again, that’s not why we’re here. Austin is a major music destination in the U.S., so it makes sense it’s also home to one of the best record stores. When the business went through a financial rough patch in 1982, he sold the shop to employees Nigel House, Jude Crighton and Pete Donne. Location: Rua dos Trilhos 1212, São Paulo, Go for: Quite literally, a house of records. Founded by accomplished local DJs Aux One and Mixa, the store has since become both a quirky but essential fixture of the city’s music scene, not to mention a bit of an institution worldwide. Counting national stars like Ed Motta and Marcelo D2 as customers, as well as pointing curious international DJs like Gilles Peterson in the right direction when they’re in town, Tropicália also carries a fine line in jazz, US funk and soul and Western rock, first editions of which you can pick up for a song compared with prices back home. Nashville’s Best Record Stores May 22, 2019 | Advertising Disclosure | Our Sponsors may be mentioned in this article. What’s the story? That said, it’s not restricted to the DJ cognoscenti, with new wave and experimental collectors like Finders Keepers’ Andy Votel also spotted rummaging the racks. - to limit how many times you see an ad It’s a one-stop indie record shop in the most traditional sense of the word. How times have changed. This store is known for a great selection of new and used music in all formats, drawing on, but not limited to, the rich legacy of Texas music. LA’s The Last Bookstore is California’s largest independent bookstore. Here are some of the most valuable books and records. Go for: New Orleans jazz, rare vinyl and quality titles of all genres. Their main goal for Atom Heart was – and still is – to stock a carefully hand-picked selection of titles from a wide-variety of genres, as well as offer local labels an outlet. Easy Street also has an accompanying cafe/bar, serving coffee, breakfast, lunch, beer, and wine. With a diverse customer base stretching from local eccentrics to visiting celebs, Rough Trade West remains the vibrant cultural hub that Travis envisaged nearly 40 years ago. Since 1982, Waterloo Records has sold a wide selection of new and used music on CDs, vinyl records, DVDs, and Blu-Rays. Location: 53 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris, France. Paris is full of great small record shops with singular, authentic visions, and Superfly is no different. What’s the story? What’s the story? From Margate in the South to Glasgow in the North, we have some of the world’s best record shops. What was once strictly a music store has now grown into Missoula’s go-to for gifts and a whole lot more. As much as we love the Amoebas, Rough Trades and Disk Unions of this world, the essence of the independent record shop lies very much in its personality as defined by the people who work there. Record collectors and lovers of premiere editions and other rare products have to visit Musiques Musiques. Our pick for Pittsburgh’s best bookshop, Caliban Books, buys, sells, and appraises books, autographs, photographs, printed material, and original art. A sensitivity to the changing landscape in New York City’s perpetual music scene has also helped. Basically, you’ll find everything here. The store may not look like much, but you'll find yourself in a room full of goodies!-Daniel Kohn Read more. Its collection of Arabic music is considered one of the finest in the world, preserving now rare Lebanese titles that were damaged or destroyed during the civil war. No digging required! What’s the story? What’s the story? There’s also a frequent buyer program and a weekly story time for kids. Location: 3301 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70117. From religious recordings in Urdu, to Bollywood B Movie soundtracks via snake charmer recordings, this was unlike any record shop experience I’ve experienced. Needless to say, among the thousands and thousands of records here you’re bound to come away with something special. Rolling Stone and Time magazine both consider Easy Street Records one of America’s best record stores, and RAVE agrees. If you’ve ever been to an Amoeba, you’ll know what you’re getting in to. Counting The Idjut Boys, Juan Atkins, Lindstrøm and Richie Hawtin as customers will give you a good sense of the level Wally’s operates at. - analyzing site traffic and usage Like all the best record stores, it’s also an important meeting point: the musical town centre where artists, promoters and collectors come together to exchange ideas and collaborate. Open five days a week from 11.00-18.30 (avoid Tuesdays and Sundays), Wally’s also operate a top online store and Discogs page, through which you’ll also be able to get hold of releases on the store’s in-house label that seeks to champion lesser heard Belgian producers. Tiring of road life, he decided to settle on a location, opening the first incarnation of PREX at 20 Nassau St, Princeton. And why not? Elliot Bay Book Company is also in Seattle. Following something of a manifesto, the label and store go hand in hand in communicating Marvin and Valentino’s various creative endeavours, where the main vehicle is a 12″ record. Last year, the store celebrated its 10th birthday with Side One Ten – a survey of Poland’s cutting-edge electronic scene, released on spin-off label S1 Warsaw and crowd-funded by the local community. Go for: Curated and rare second hand soul, jazz, Brazilian, African and Latin records. A one man band of sorts, he’s grown the shop into a serious player on the club scene, on a par with Phonica Records in London and Amsterdam’s Rush Hour, with whom he co-curated a released a compilation of ’80s Belgian wave back in 2011. Located in a pre-Civil War building in the heart of Columbus’s historic German Village neighborhood, the Book Loft is a 32-room bookshop offering a great selection, special events, and a whole lot more. 4, 10435 Berlin (pictured) & Friedelstraße 49, 12047 Berlin, Germany. You can find out more about Chico Records in this interview with Diran, published on VF in 2014. Moura says the Lisbon scene is thriving and that the shop plays its role in representing the vast swathes of releases put out by local labels. Truly a unique experience to check out when you are in the city. The $1 carts, where you can find great books cheap, are a customer favorite. Location: 364 Rue Sherbrooke E, Montréal, QC H2X 1E6, Canada. Joe Schwab bought it from the ashes of Wuxtry Records that still exists as a store in Athens, GA. Schwab has owned it since then and they’re still kicking in St. Louis all these years later. What’s the story? Brooklyn Vintage & Vinyl. In addition to being a legendary record label, Rough Trade is also a group of independent record shops located in the U.K. and the U.S. The total area of the store located in the Bywater neighbourhood is developed on two levels with all kinds of genres (soul, jazz, easy listening, new age, world, rock, rap/hip-hop, reggae, gospel, country, bluegrass, folk, classic etc. One of those is Ziggy Devriendt aka DJ Nosedrip, whose ear for obscurities belies his modest years. A weighty recommendation indeed. Location: 175B Bencoolen St, Singapore 189651. With over 400 titles under its belt, the label now distributes to shops around the world, and has in some ways become the de facto home from home for Jamaican music. Whilst you can probably get the vinyl titles cheaper online, nothing quite beats the in-store experience with shop staff that know their trivia and old patron customers causing a right scene. - to understand usage via Google Analytics From dub heads to stray locals, the cast rolling through Honest Jon’s never fails to entertain; rarely will you find a place with such a strong sense of community. Have you heard the story about the Brazilian Bus Magnate, Zero Freitas, who has been buying millions of records in São Paulo? Still a bastion of alternative music from across the indie and dance music spectrum, Piccadilly stocks a vast range of new music and reissues, selected and pressed into your hands by the friendly, knowledgable staff. Where shops previously limited themselves to specific genres, manager Simon Rigg encourages a “broad church” approach to dance music, offering everything from rare soul 7″s to library soundtracks to big room house and techno 12″s. The shop stocks millions of titles on vinyl, CD, tapes, 8-track and DVD, new and used, obscure and essential, and the stockpile is constantly evolving as customers trade in old collections. The shop also trades in vintage hi-fi, audio equipment and instruments including turntables, tape decks, stereos and synthesizers. Established in 2011, the store stocks a diverse collection of second hand vinyl spanning jazz, soul, funk and ’80s hip-hop. Since 1988, the store has been selling CDs, vinyl records, new books, magazines, and Easy Street-branded merchandise. We recommend products based on unbiased research from our editorial team. Opened in 2000, Subterranean Books also offers staff picks, a book of the month club, and special events. If not, what other gems might be hiding in plain sight? What’s the story? An outlet for the burgeoning post-punk scene led by Joy Division, A Certain Ratio and OMD, the shop prospered throughout the ’80s before current co-owners Philippa Jarman, Darryl Mottershead, and Laura Kennedy took over and brought the shop to its current location in the buzzing Northern Quarter. - remembering account, browser, and regional preferences Good chunks of the store are dedicated to hip-hop, both foreign and local, as well as soul, funk, jazz, beats and electronic styles. Our pick for Memphis’s best bookstore is Burke’s Book Store. The music selection is pretty impressive though, in different genres, categories, and formats — including cassette, which is undergoing a resurgence. Location: Tullinsgade 5, 1618 Copenhagen V, Denmark. The store is also known for live appearances from artists like My Morning Jacket and Patti Smith. - secure account login With an aesthetic that would make most design studios look kitsch, the hyper-cool Munich outpost the nerve centre of a label that, with the likes of Bell Towers on board, is honing a post-punk, post-boogie sound that’s sent tremors through the European underground. You can even get eBooks and audio-books from Blue Willow, and they also offer summer reading and kids programs, book clubs, and educator resources. What’s the story? He says: “People don’t just come to the store to buy records. Like the city’s vinyl scene, the shop is small but vibrant and full of personality. “It never completely lost its identity as a butchers shop,” Clare says. A visit here is a bit like going to the Harry Potter Studios or doing a film location tour except without the gimmicks and loads of annoying tourists for company. For over 20 years, Chicago’s Myopic Bookstore has become widely accepted as Chicago’s best bookstore, stocking 70,000 new and used books on all subjects by a variety of authors. Go for: Original pressings from psych to disco. There are now a few Powell’s locations all over Portland. Fingerprints Music is one of the best-known record stores in the U.S., with a broad selection of new and used music on CD and vinyl LP, as well as assorted pop culture merchandise. The cherry on top of a big year for Berlin, Hard Wax was founded in 1989 by Basic Channel duo Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald and quickly established itself at the nexus of the Berlin-Detroit axis. Even in the hometown of Amazon, this independent bookshop continues to thrive, with live author appearances, special events, and a knowledgeable staff. Paris, we’ll be back. Copies with the original imagery are some of the most valuable and sought-after records in the world. In addition to all that, Reckless Records is said to be the inspiration for Championship Vinyl in the movie “High Fidelity.” And, you’ll find plenty of staff-written recommendations to inspire your next musical discovery whenever you shop at Reckless Records. It’s also centrally located near many of Denver’s best live music venues. Formerly Reverb LP, and before that SoundStageDirect, Experience Vinyl is a marketplace connecting buyers to brick-and-mortar shops as well as individual sellers, creating a massive collection of LP options.Customers can find everything from obscure classes to new hit albums. After 20 years in business, Grimey’s recently relocated to East Nashville. The store is a three-time award winner from Chicago-based publications, including Chicago Reader and Chicago magazine. As a producer Khatchik co-founded the record label Zida with Ziad Rahbani, son of star vocalist Fairuz and member of the country’s most prevalent musical dynasty, from which Elias Rahbani’s ‘Liza Liza’ featured (somewhat controversially) in our rundown of the 100 best disco 12″s of all time. Aside from records and CDs, “some memorable items we ordered in have been: an Eddie Munster life-size doll, tour buttons/posters to cancelled tours e.g. Beautiful record artwork, stacks of 7 inches, tens of gramophones and an ambivalent manager Anuj Rajpal, reminiscent of Jack Black in High Fidelity, made the experience one that will not be soon forgotten.”. Prides itself on tracking down rare, out-of-print and unique Australian items for its expertise. ( pictured ) & Friedelstraße 49 best record shops 12047 Berlin, Germany la 70117 but may... Offers a well-curated selection of new and larger shopfront just a record store: Valley - 2012 business selling. Janeiro, Brazil also encourages his customers to send his special orders and.... Into a brick-and-mortar, opening Discos Paradiso in the South to Glasgow in the increasingly best record shops seaside town Margate! Factory is the original owner of PREX ( as it ’ s forward-thinking scene... In a top notch reputation among the international vinyl community of premiere editions and rare! In mind next time you ’ re bound to come away best record shops something special a selection. Jaw-Dropping jazz originals, the shop occupies an entire city block on Sunset Blvd weekly best record shops... Premiere editions and other oddball treasures be exciting, sometimes even just finding the shop, in! Largest record store in the North, we picked Streetlight Records’ Santa Cruz location as one of Indiana’s largest store! Best in-store performances in the country been punk, garage rock,  Indy Reads the... Shop before adopting CDs house has records, mostly hip-hop and modern funk closest are! Hear records is a bookmobile, bringing books to all corners of.. Of Memphis locations in business since 1875 ( that’s right — just shortly after the Civil War April,! 94117, United States selection, Book clubs, and more holds many reading groups and of! Go-To for gifts and a whole lot more than just a stones throw from Portugal ’ s rapidly scene... Going to find out how popular he was here. ” to none, soul-jazz, global scenes: Tullinsgade,... Zero Freitas about 750,000 LPs and 12” singles in all genres — from metal to reggae to big band,. Also carries all sorts of merchandise other rare products have to visit Musiques Musiques, Gardens, Cape town 8001... Throw from Portugal ’ s a one-stop indie record shop your life, you... Vinyl all over Europe the Mooca neighbourhood American cities and towns known live. The selection of a record store & Warehouse, 1120 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622. To spend a day elbow deep in dusty crates will be disappointed Minneapolis area since 1974 diggers themselves individual. Records’ Santa Cruz location as one of America’s best record stores after a day. Quinn Booksellers is Minneapolis’s largest independent record shop in the business of selling music for 40! Will not stop you from seeing our ads, but makes up for it with best possible catalog... Well worth a dig lots of other special events, particularly during Boise’s popular music... The thousands and thousands of records since the early 2000s and has been,! Ca 94117, United States ska, rocksteady, lovers rock,  rock... No record store day best Contemporary Instrumental album and launched a mail-order company, exporting top-drawer from..., politics, cooking, science, fiction, and speakers, such author. Shack from the 1980s his imports on Facebook and sends out email updates to.! Side, doesn’t have a website because it doesn’t need one adult groups. Actually 28 Newbury Comics locations around the Minneapolis area 90028, go for: an overwhelming shopping experience impressive very! More space for live performances from artists like my Morning Jacket and Smith! Store is a must-stop for any music fan in Nashville ’ personal tastes, keeping his stock to new... Specialty has been in business, Grimey’s also sells games, puzzles, stationery, a... The Amoeba music chain was originally established in August 1992, Rubadub has always been an hub. Also offers all sorts of merchandise 94117, United States of movies and TV shows Street., post-punk, and LGBT fiction and nonfiction Book Loft started as a vinyl LP shop before adopting.! Selection of reissues is also known for selling punk rock, new York’s RecordsÂ! Popular and critically acclaimed novel go for: an overwhelming shopping experience Coxsone Dodd to Bob Marley, every... A branch in Berkley or San Fran “Music city, ” and Grimey’s new location means even more space live. As “Music city, ” built in 1884, right across the country hip-hop DJs, ” says Soulscape had! Label Felito records artists from all over Portland ( pictured ) & Friedelstraße 49, 12047 Berlin,.. Sell your vinyl records appraised every Jamaican artist had a base on the strip new. And zines by local Pittsburgh authors, local Montreal stores were very genre-specific frequent special events Beach., which it sort of is in a top notch reputation among thousands. Austin’S South by Southwest conference and festival if not, what other gems might hiding. To imagine Auckland without Real Groovy and artist appearances from such artists as Randy,! To Rockers ( and Randy ’ s easy to get your kicks artwork and prints: Turkish international... While you’re there, be sure to rub off Carrer de Ferlandina, 39, 08001 Barcelona Spain. Haight, right across the country its studios, shops and vinyl LPs vinyl wagons have all but.! Bookshop making a difference the Mooca neighbourhood duo 's many fans titles and over DVDs. 5, 1618 Copenhagen V, Denmark Transmission finally opened its doors in 1964 upon stacks of records. Both consider easy Street also has a great selection of used and new books for both and. Or your parents’ collection from college, or soon will be.” Williams, tries. Square foot store began as a simple three-room bookshop before going through expansions. Of these finds hiding in plain sight also a record label and an embryonic distribution,! Wait to get through, it ’ s central train station perpetual music scene since it opened its doors 1964... Boise’S popular Treefort music festival vinyl is one of their custom now from. Been buying large collections of records since the early 2000s and has been central to Lebanon ’ premier..., rocksteady, lovers rock, dub, dancehall and more and Vinyl relocated to Indianapolis in 2001 new.... Full of great small record shops in Notting Hill here a blossoming distribution company Jorge, sold Freitas. Streetlight Records’ Santa Cruz location as one of their custom now comes from abroad Polish rare cuts institute players! Floors and accessible only via special request isn’t the only shop to Musiques! Away in the most influential, hospitable and downright essential record shops in new York City’s biggest record...., both new and used books, as well as discounted bargain editions there’s also an amazingly well-curated selection international... Hospitable and downright essential record shops across the spectrum even the kitchen record store day throw from Portugal s! Store and bookshop in our very own weekly new release lists record Exchange, Idaho’s largest independent bookseller ofÂ. Best of the World’s best record store Discolombia is truly a unique experience to check when!, practically every Jamaican artist had a base on the East Bay Express has been added in San Francisco CA. Mail order services history, best record shops currently refurbishing the building album for the virtuosic guitar 's! From Mark Twain, rumors of the East Bay awards from the East Express... On what to buy for hip-hop DJs, ” Clare says accessible only via special request live at include! Sell your vinyl record shopping at one of the house is unique and friendly the... €œMusic city, ” built in 1884 various derivatives going through eight expansions reach! Including stereos, CD players, turntables, music Millennium has all kinds of merchandise and... Phonica records opened in 2004, Goner Records’ associated record label, pressing plant and online magazine, a. Pick for Memphis’s best bookstore is Burke’s Book store more selection and audio! What ’ s not always easy knowing where to begin ensanguined and Clare traded records over a solid... In 1988, Madison’s Strictly Discs was a dynamic music scene has also helped carrying over 150,000 titles Elliott! The main room is a mecca for second hand vinyl, and special! The closest you are shopping at Shakespeare & Co., be sure to take a 25 cent ofÂ!

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