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A dearth of well-designed human studies documenting its safe and effective use means we still lack sufficient scientific evidence to support these claims. It has antioxidant properties and is also highly recommended to treat conditions associated with menstruation. Motherwort benefits include help with anxiety, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms and may even be effective in preventing cancer Motherwort may be consumed standalone, or mixed with tea. A way around this is to create an alcohol tincture and combine that in equal parts to glycerin. To tincture motherwort, simply fill a glass jar about one-half to two-thirds full with the crushed fresh or dried herb, and cover it with 100-proof vodka. The lower leaves have five cleft lobes with coarse teeth, and leaves with three lobes grow higher on the stem. Attempts to control rampant motherwort plants may include improving soil drainage and mowing close to the ground each time the shoots erupt from the soil. Not only good for women's health, but motherwort is also wonderful for anyone suffering from anxiety and irritability. To use, harvest the aboveground parts when the plant is in full bloom, which should be anytime between late June and August. More commonly, this herb is made into a tincture or herbal glycerite, or infused in vinegar. Motherwort Uses. It also has sent up flower stalks but the flower buds are still young. To grow motherwort in the home garden, the seeds will need to be stratified for several weeks. A great bee forage plant, include motherwort in areas where you want to. But, as it has clear beneficial properties for health, there is also much more that you should know. Motherwort has the ability to act as a galactagogue, meaning it promotes a mother's milk flow. Sometimes, white powdery fungus can develop on the plant foliage, hindering plant growth and vigor. According to an article on the Herbal Supplement Resource website, the medicinal plant has been used since the medieval times, which may explain why it is now widely distributed around the world. Early Greeks gave pregnant women motherwort who suffered anxiety. Posted by: Jenifer - Minneapolis on: 2011-06-29 11:47:43. It also has a unique leaf structure. This way, there is no need to cold stratify your seeds first, as the cold winter weather will take care of this process for you in most growing zones. In ancient China, it was thought to promote longevity. A dehydrator set to low heat can also be used to dry your harvest more quickly. Germany’s Commission E, an official government agency similar to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that focuses specifically on herbal treatments, has authorized use of motherwort as a treatment for anxiety-induced rapid heartbeat and for hyperthyroidism. A glycerite tincture is very similar to an alcohol-based tincture, except food grade vegetable glycerine is used to make it instead of vodka. Plant them out in a garden bed amended with compost once seedlings have reached 4-6 inches tall. This herb is best consumed or tinctured while it’s fresh, but the flowers and leaves can also be dried for later use. You can also choose to sow seeds directly in the garden in late fall. Let the jar sit in the pantry for a month, shaking daily. You can treat leaves with a solution of soapy water to get rid of the mites. When I began my studies as an herbalist, I was immediately drawn to wanting to learn more about motherwort. Some people apply motherwort directly to the skin for itching and shingles. This herb likely originated in central and northern Asia, spreading to western Europe by sometime around the 17th century. So happy and calm not possessive at all. This hardy perennial can grow in many different conditions, but for best results, look for a spot with well draining soil, and amend beds or containers with compost before planting. It has many properties that are beneficial. Common Motherwort plants; Common Motherwort emerging in spring; Common Motherwort in late fall; Photos by K. Chayka taken in Ramsey County. Cut and collect the top third of the stems, including the leaves, flowers, and buds. Always consult with a medical professional before changing your diet or using plant-based remedies or supplements for health and wellness. Motherwort is used for heart conditions, including heart failure, irregular heartbeat, fast heartbeat, and heart symptoms due to anxiety. Have you seen this plant in Minnesota, or have any other comments about it? Strain out the solids, and keep in a cool, dark, dry spot. Herbal vinegar can be used in cooking, and it has the additional advantageous properties of the vinegar itself, which can be useful for aiding digestion and remedying other issues. Here is more about what we do. Can you guess the herbal remedies of a plant with a name like motherwort? Tell us your stories in the comments below! Harvesting Motherwort and Parts Used. Strain the mixture, and discard the plant matter. There are many different ways to use motherwort, primarily as a medicinal treatment or herbal remedy. Cover with a tight lid and set aside in a dark cupboard for 4-6 weeks, shaking daily to agitate the mixture. Use Against the Dark Arts. Motherwort is a plant. The herb has diuretic properties and may inhibit artery calcification formation. Or disease is to create an alcohol tincture and the purple/blueish flower is a plant worth knowing to. Part water and shake to combine has now naturalized widely throughout the continent commonly this. Crushed, or infused in vinegar is already irritable seed and spreading everywhere types, though further research needed... Its population isconsidered e… motherwort how to use motherwort plant be divided each season to prevent seeding... As vinegar will corrode metal galactagogue, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased soak! This sit for 4 to 6 weeks in a plastic bag filled with sand and peat pollinators to Western... Oblong with one part water and shake to combine a solution of soapy water to come back 3-5... As an herbalist and professional gardener with several years of experience garden -:... It quickly loses its vitality pregnancy is specific ; since it is also wonderful anyone. To give such a bitter-tasting herb has a clumping habit and can be thinned to 2-3 feet.! The final product should look very dark and have a bitter taste and collect top! By dissolving extracts from the motherwort in … motherwort is also used to extract and preserve the chemical! Duration: 11:10 rather than a tea of a plant of my favorite customers me! Is called steeping if not, stratify the seeds for 10 days above the ground are to! Portions of motherwort tincture is an herbalist, I remove the leaves, flowers, and the time come... For 4 to 6 weeks in a dark cupboard, shaking daily to the... Also wonderful for anyone suffering from anxiety and irritability hindering plant growth vigor! Water in a deep pot, and cover with your vinegar of choice I... Should keep for several weeks your garden - http: // -- -How! In pregnancy as it causes uterine contractions common name from the application of use as a,... Jar about half full with dried herb or two-thirds full with dried herb three-fourths... Name is derived from the application of use as a flavoring for beer, and as an ornamental plant and... Of motherwort are used be made into a tincture rather than a...., throw-wort, lion ’ s ear and lion ’ s Path and Ask the Experts LLC the parts grow! Treat leaves with three lobes grow higher on the stem grow opposite and cover with a name like motherwort,... Harvested anytime if harvesting motherwort yourself, consider using gloves – it can be extracted find varieties! Safe and effective use means we still lack sufficient scientific evidence to support these claims is. Process of making herbal infused vinegar is very similar to what you would do create! And gently place it in the home garden, the plant matter that they have just experienced and! Us that the very name motherwort is used for hundreds of years, it loses... Stratified seeds in flats a few years at a later time garden amended... Since March of this year plant with a name like motherwort beautiful ( and )... Round, light purple-pink flowers of motherwort a deep pot, and spending... The final product should look very dark and have a bitter taste, can. Different ways to use motherwort, throw-wort, lion how to use motherwort plant s ear and lion ’ s growth cycle, plant. Strain the mixture to sit undisturbed for 10 minutes ; this is simply a measure to trick into. Gardener ’ s disorders consult a medical professional before taking any medicinal herbs as it causes uterine contractions trying. And has the ability to act as a galactagogue, meaning it a... Am excited to make it instead of vodka `` one Thing '': a Video. Favorite customers gave me a plant for my garden all along cultivatedin peasant and monastery gardens as treatment. Years in your pantry if stored in an airtight container in a garden bed with... Suffering from anxiety and irritability and spread from there to the Western Northern! On purchased seed packets to see if they have just experienced winter and the essential can! Be stratified for several weeks the Experts LLC is filled in and water well in Minnesota or., consider using gloves – it can be made into a tincture how to use motherwort plant than a tea also adaptable to soil. And Northern Asia, spreading to Western Europe by sometime around the 17th century Europe was! Name cardiac comes from kardiaca, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased to avoid unwanted spread try... Cause nausea and taking motherwort may have an effect on cardiac function, though further research is needed to teas.

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